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Floral Fizz Bathbomb - Romantic Rebelwi
Floral Fizz Bathbomb - Romantic Rebel

Floral Fizz Bathbomb – Romantic Rebel


Made with a blend of lavender and patchouli essential oil and a touch of rose fragrance, with dried rose petals. This Floral Fizz Bathbomb – Romantic Rebel smells luxuriously floral and romantic, with a fragrance that may help you to relax and unwind.



Elevate your bath time into an enchanting experience with our Smelly Floral Fizz Bathbomb – Romantic Rebel. Immerse yourself in a symphony of captivating aromas and lush botanicals by simply dropping one of these exquisite bath bombs into your tub. As it dissolves, a burst of delicate petals and essential oils is released, infusing the water and transforming your bath into a fragrant oasis of relaxation.


These large 200g bath fizzes are not only indulgent but also environmentally friendly. With an array of scents and colours to choose from, each variation offers a unique aromatic journey that fills your bath with a wonderful fragrance. Unveil the beauty of these bath bombs and let the stress of the day dissolve away in the embrace of sumptuous florals.

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