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A smoother You
Hair Removal
Getting rid of unwanted hair doesn’t need to be a scary experience, we’ll get rid of nuisance hair in a jiffy, no stubble, no razor bumps, just a smoother you. Want to look and feel your BEST ? .... we'll stick the wax pot on
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Smooth to the touch

Waxing Menu

Does your body hair make you cringe and your skin look bad? We have the perfect solution to give you super-smooth and hair-free skin – our fast waxing hair removal process.

Hot Wax Holywood

45 minutes – £30.00

Hot Wax Californian

30 minutes £20.00

Hot Wax Brazilian

45 minutes £25.00

Hot Wax Standard Bikini

30 minutes – £15.00

Hot wax underarm

15 mins  £11

Hot wax lip and chin

20 Mins – £18.00

Hot wax chin

15 minutes  £11.00

Hot wax lip

15 minutes  £9.00

Hot wax brow reshape

15 minutes  £13.00

Hot wax eyebrow tidy

15 minutes  £11.00

Full leg wax

45 minutes  £25.00

1/2 leg wax

30 minutes  £20.00


15 minutes  £11.00

Eyebrow reshape

15 minutes  £10.00

Lip and chin

15 minutes  £18.00


15 minutes  £8.00


15 minutes  £10.00


15 minutes  £10.00

Full Back Wax

45 minutes  £30.00

Chest Wax

30 minutes  £20.00

Upper Back Wax

30 minutes  £20.00

We try to stock a little something for everyone, not too cheap, not too expensive, maybe just a little different. To coincide with the launch of our 2023 online store we will be introducing a wider range of gifts – from affordable fashion jewellery to bath time treats and fragrances. Keep your eyes peeled for special offers and flash sales.

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